This online hypertext documents the identifications detected, by automatic methods, among the asteroids whose observations have been made public by the Minor Planet Center.

The present run of identification proposals and checking has been based on the observation data files made available by the MPC after the monthly updates of [Mar 2; Apr 2; May 4; Aug 31; Sep 28; Oct 26; Nov 23; Dec 22] 1999, [Jan 24; Feb 22; Mar 20; Apr 18; May 23, Jun 21; Jul 26; Sep 13; Oct 13; Nov 11 and Dec 11] 2000, [Jan 9; Feb 8; Mar 9; Apr 8; Jun 6; Jul 5; Aug 4; Sep 2; Oct 2; Nov 30] 2001, [Jan 28; Feb 27,Mar 28, Aug 22; Sep 21; Nov 20] 2002, [Feb 16; Mar 19; Jun 14 and Nov 9] 2003 and [Feb 6;] 2004.

The results include:

  1. 5070 'orbit identifications', out of which 4587 have already been accepted by the MPC; plus 638 attributions of short arc observations to the resulting multiopposition orbits, out of which 627 have been accepted by the MPC.
  2. 4976 'observation attributions' to orbits with arcs greater than 1.5 days, out of which 4509 have already been accepted by the MPC; plus 433 additional attributions to the resulting joint orbits, out of which 400 have been accepted by the MPC.
  3. 123 'observation attributions' to orbits of numbered asteroids, out of which 123 have already been accepted by the MPC.

The theory for the orbit identification method is available in the paper THE ASTEROID IDENTIFICATION PROBLEM III: PROPOSING IDENTIFICATIONS , by A. Milani, A. La Spina, M.E. Sansaturio and S.R. Chesley, revised version, May 6, 1999, also available as postscript gzipped, 200K .

The theory for the attributions is described in the paper THE ASTEROID IDENTIFICATION PROBLEM IV: ATTRIBUTIONS, by A. Milani, M.E. Sansaturio and S.R. Chesley, version Jun 12, 2000, also available in postscript, 294K .

The theory to perform identifications by making use of multiple solutions is described in the paper MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS FOR ASTEROID ORBITS: COMPUTATIONAL PROCEDURE AND APPLICATIONS, by A. Milani, M.E. Sansaturio, G. Tommei, O. Arratia and S.R. Chesley, version Jul 26, 2004, available in PDF and in postscript gzipped.

This hypertext-style document contains:

  1. The orbid-1999-table, the orbid-2000-table, the orbid-2001-table, the orbid-2002-table, the orbid-2003-table and the orbid-2004-table of orbit identifications, with the two identifiers which correspond to the same object, the values of the controls and the RMS of the fit of both arcs to a single orbit. Note also the quality flag (some identifications are dubious/poor) - only in the 1999-table -, and the status flag, indicating acceptance by the MPC or, sometimes, the cases independently found by others.
  2. The 1999-table, the 2000-table, the 2001-table, the 2002-table, the 2003-table and the 2004-table of short arc observation attributions to the orbit identifications presented above.
  3. The 1999-catalog , the 2000-catalog, the 2001-catalog, the 2002-catalog, the 2003-catalog and the 2004-catalog of the new multi opposition orbits for the identifications above. The format is computer readable with OrbFit. Please note that all identifications have to be officially accepted by the Minor Planet Center; some of the proposed identifications are dubious, and are waiting for confirmation.
  4. The files containing the residuals (of the astrometric positions, and of the photometric measurements) after the best fit to these orbits; these are used to document the identification (possibly to discard it, when the residuals are too large and/or show large trends; the residuals in magnitude can also be useful). The list of these files is here; the files have names of the form asteroid1=asteroid2.rwo, and are also computer readable as input to OrbFit.
  5. The attrib-1999-table , the attrib-2000-table , the attrib-2001-table , the attrib-2002-table and the attrib-2003-table of observation attributions to orbits with arcs greater than 1.5 days that have been published by the MPC so far.
  6. The tables summarizing the number of single-night observation attributions and multiple-night observation attributions submitted to MPC, indicating how many of them have already been published and how many are still pending for confirmation.
  7. The summary-table showing, for each update, the total number of: (a) orbit identifications, (b) additional attributions to the new joint orbits, (c) short arc observation attributions and (d) additional attributions to the orbits provided by the linkages, which were submitted to the MPC and how many of them have already been accepted by the MPC.
In June 2003, we tuned our software programs to be able to process the ONS file made available by the MPC on a monthly basis. Such a file contains observations submitted to the MPC that were passed through several procedures but that failed to produce verifiable linkages to known objects. The tables below show the ONS attributions that, so far, have been submitted by our group.
  1. List of ONS attributions to known NEAs   (Total submitted: 120).
  2. List of ONS attributions to numbered objects   (Total submitted: 158).
  3. List of ONS attributions to multi-opposition objects   (Total submitted: 1168).
  4. List of ONS attributions to single-opposition objects   (Total submitted: 491).

Authors: M.E. Sansaturio, A. Milani, S.R. Chesley, A. La Spina.

Last updated Mar 13, 2010
M.E. Sansaturio
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